Durk Durkkjutblehorn of the League of Relegate Altruists

Outcast stranger of old


Midnight purple with flashing cephalopoidan-like bioluminescence. Wears a white sleeveless cloak with hood accompanied by large threatening like Gauntlets reaching to the forearm.

1. Awakened Stranger
2. Cast out, will bring them low
3. Ancient knowledge
4. Vies for peace
5. Damn! he big!! (7’+ strong build)

Extras: Chameleon suit to somewhat blend into human society; emotion/communication lights; alien tech mech gauntlets; anti gravity nanomites

1. Mind control – Fate+contested will toforce next action on an individual
2. Mind lash – roll will over provoke to institute an emotional reaction
3. Physical will – +2 physique to break something

Skills: pay the bills
Great – will
Good – Physique/Fight
Fair – Rapport/Athletics/Notice
Average – Stealth/Empathy/Resources/Provoke

For Thousands of years The Stranger’s empire has been growing, absorbing worlds and systems throughout the galaxy. Typically a tyrannical violent race by and large they originate from a large planet with high gravity with a moist gasy atmosphere evolving from an amphibious squid-like animal. They still retain forms of communication through visual ques in the form of light and texture changes upon the skins surface; while never evolving a bony skeletal structure the strangers are supported through a system of fluid filled sacks that operate in a self contained vascular system allowing high adaptability to changes in pressure and gravity fluctuations. Governed by a strong political system and capable military the strangers dominate and settle conquered planets. Usually these planets have been assessed and allowed to grow millennia prior to contact. A splinter group takes advantage of this system of manifest destiny placing agents early on into cryostasis units to be awakened upon first militarized contact. The Durkkjutblehorn was placed into a Nordic environment whereupon he made contact with the local human communities. After taking assessment of and providing guidance to these primitive people he broke ground for his cryo system and waited until his peoples arrival and the awakening of his compatriots. He travels to the Bastion shortly after the original incident and has taken position up at the Place of Meeting. The mission at hand is to smooth the transition of the humans and repel The Strangers aggressions

Durk Durkkjutblehorn of the League of Relegate Altruists

Bastion, USA Duecallion