Joanna Gault

An extremely influential and ingenious engineer and industrialist.


Joanna Gault is the former head of Gault Corp., a multinational conglomerate headquartered in Bastion which created and produced several innovative technologies still used to this day, with nearly all of them being engineered by her. The most famous of her inventions is the first microprocessor and, following that, the first microcomputer, the Gault Data Terminal.

Gault was born in 1953 in New York City, just ten years before the Stranger’s inter-dimensional portal opened over the metropolis. Joanna’s childhood has been a hard-kept secret, though it is known that her family were among the nearly three million people killed during the Stranger’s destruction of the city.

In 1971, an eighteen-year-old Joanna Gault, backed by the eponymous Gault Industries, emerged into the spotlight with the creation of the world’s first microprocessor. The 16-bit processor, called the G-1600, eventually led to the creation of Gault Data Terminal in 1973. Just three years later, the Gault Home Terminal hit the consumer market, leading to the genericized term “Gault” as a substitute for “computer.”

Over the next few years, Gault Industries continued to advance technology and remained a mainstay in the market, eventually becoming Gault Corporation in 1980. It was around this time, however, that Gault mysteriously left the company and went incognito, leaving its running to Gault Corp. vice president Daniel Taggart.

Joanna Gault

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