Bastion, USA

New York City is no more.

Its glory did not fade, but was instead ripped away when the Strangers came and laid waste to the metropolis and its people in 1963. Only five million of nearly eight million citizens made it out alive by the time the Strangers returned to whence they had came.

Five million people, displaced by disaster, without a home and most with nowhere to go.

Thankfully the good old U.S.A. had a solution.

After a truce was made with the Antillean Confederation and the decade-long Spanish Caribbean War had ended, President-Chancellor John F. Kennedy, committed not only to replacing America’s lost metropolis but also to restore the American spirit, pushed forward a proposal that would aid the state of New York in the construction of a new city upon NYC’s ruins.

Congress unanimously approved.

Now, in 1985, the city of Bastion has surpassed New York City. Its glory, however, is lacking. Vast crime and corruption mar the New Metropolis. Tension exists everywhere, from the filthy streets up to the conspiratorial chambers of the city government. The city is effectively run by the fat-cats in their sixtieth-floor boardrooms and the gangster-kings in their hideouts in the cruel city ghettos. Its eight or so million citizens are steadily becoming cynical and nihilistic.

Yet there is still hope, for he dawn of the superhero is here, and, as heroes rise, a new age begins.

Bastion, USA

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