Autumn "Shazam!" Trace

Grown up Potter-esque child star


Potter-esque Summoner
Memorable Past as a Child Star
Cheesy Cape
With My Wand…
I Had A Miley Cyrus Stage

+4 Resources
+3 Contacts, Rapport
+2 Empathy, Notice, Will
+1 Athletics, Crafts, Investigate, Physique

Do You Want My Autograph?: +2 to use Rapport (?) for distraction
I’m On the List: roll Resources to get access to exclusive venues

Dragon-whisper Wand: +1 to magic (?)
Summoned Imp: roll to summon? For sneaking around and bothering people
Summoned Kung-Fu Dragon: roll to summon? For fighting
Transmogrify: spend a FP and roll to change a small inorganic mass into another kind of inorganic mass


Autumn "Shazam!" Trace

Bastion, USA maphagler