"Daryl, I'll get you if it's the last thing I do!"


Psychokinetic escaped mental patient
My Nemesis Daryl
I Know Rat City
Follow It to the Source
I’m Supposed to Have A Purpose

+4 Notice
+3 Deceive, +3 Provoke
+2 Burglary, +2 Investigate, +2 Rapport
+1 Contacts, +1 Crafts, +1 Fight, +1 Will

Telekinesis: roll Provoke instead of Physique to lift and manipulate heavy objects
-Kinetic Surge: +2 to use Telekinesis
Mind-Punch: roll Provoke instead of Fight to pummel someone
Dissipate: spend a FP to resist an attack with Empathy
Thermokinesis: use Provoke to create an advantage using heat or cold
Just A Poor Homeless Guy: use Deceive in place of Stealth where the homeless might be ignored

2 more stunts or extras (pryo/cryo-kinesis, flight)


There came a morning when the sirens started, and then the explosions and screaming, and that was the morning Kyle woke up. The orderlies were gone. It was so still. He tore the restraints off with his mind, then gently pulled the IV free, wincing at the sting.

He was reborn.

Owning nothing that he remembered, with no papers to his name, Kyle walked out the door in his smock and suicide-watch slippers, medical wristband still intact.

He crawled down, because out on the street cops ask questions and preachers try to make you love Jesus or Mohammed or Sri Krishna and everyone wants to see your photo ID. If you go down, though, down through Bastion, you get to the old city. Rat City.

Rat city is filthy, and infested, and plagued by gangs (and plagues), but it is simple. Easy to understand for someone who has been institutionalized since…for a long time. Since he was just a kid, and the accident happened, because of Daryl.

But that was a long time ago, a whole lifetime ago. They call him Wingnut, which is fine, because he must be crazy. Otherwise why would they have locked him up in the first place, years ago?


Wingnut. Kyle liked the new name. And no one bothers him when he touches things. Not in Rat City. No one else seems to be able to touch anything. But now there’s no one to give Kyle shots and an IV drip and make him sleep for days and days and forget to care about who he was or where he was or what tomorrow would bring. And so he is reaching out, finding that he is stronger than he ever thought.

He is going to find Daryl, and he is going to kill him once and for all.


Bastion, USA robosnake